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Leaning on another for support and accountability isn’t a weakness, it’s actually incredibly brave.

It might make you feel vulnerable to open up and expand your knowledge of yourself, but it will help you get places you never thought you could go.

The possibilities of transformation are endless.

  • Feel nourished by food rather than seeing it as the “enemy”
  • Feel strong and confident in your body
  • Live more freely rather than letting fear and anxiety run your life
  • Be more positive in your own life and relationships
  • Build self-confidence

What are your transformation goals?

Lisa helped me open my eyes to new ideas and helped solidify my feelings that were on the right track, but I didn’t have the confidence in them. I feel I am better equipped to deal with roadblocks!!

- Janelle B.

After completing the information below, I will contact you within 48 hours.
  • Small Group Coaching

    Only complete the section below if you are interested in small group coaching. These groups are usually made up of 5-7 people.

My life is hard for me to keep up with. No matter what was on my mind Lisa would listen very well and help me explore ideas that I never would have thought of…it helped me to reflect back into myself.

- Jade E.

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